What I Imagine "Game Of Thrones" Is Like Based On Never Having Seen An Episode Of "Game Of Thrones" & Only Hearing My Friends Talk About It


The sun rises over a castle, a castle made of swords and pegasuses and gargoyles shaped like dongs. In the distance, 100 concubines have sex with their sisters and step-dads.

EDDARD STARK: I, Eddard Stark, am a warrior of the Dawn-Dune. I have bedded many lady-women in the dew of Beowulf’s…


Joshua from troll 2 faved my tweet

Mildly starstruck.

I’ve drank a fair few screwdrivers, I’m watching the troll 2 documentary. Feelin like grandpa Seth right here

Haiku for ya

Why can’t I ever
Start working earlier, fuck.
Shit I hate myself

Eight thousand words in
A week? Bring it you cunt, I
Don’t care any more.

Just gotta do like
Two chapters and an intro…
-gross fucking sobbing-

Pusher - 1996 Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn


I love how amused Hannibal is at all of Wills Cannibal jokes.
New Will dont give a shit,hes sassy.

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